Scene of the Week (7-11 Nov 2016)



In a week full of the Whites’ melodrama it might have been easy to overlook or forget this fantastic scene at the start of the week where Laurel’s’ bravery crumbled and she was left sobbing against Sandy’s chest. Having visited a care home, albeit reluctantly, Laurel was faced with the struggle that her years with Ashley might soon be meaningless. The beauty of this scene wasn’t only Charlotte Bellamy’s incredible and understated performance, but the writing. Laurel’s struggles with being Ashley’s wife and, increasingly, his carer aren’t easy, they aren’t pretty. At times she’s selfish, unlikeable even. But that’s the strength of it, it just seems so real. Laurel’s bad day was one of Ashley’s good days – he was happy and she couldn’t be. Laurel feels like she’s losing her husband and a huge part of her life and history and it’s impossible not to feel this pain with her. This was another stand-out scene in a painful story which affects so many.


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