Scene of the Week (14-18 Nov 2016)



In a week where almost every character was a walking plot device, my Scene of the Week had to go to something quieter, character based and less melodramatic. Paddy and Rhona attended a divorce mediation in a bid to put the past behind them and come to a civil agreement which in normal circumstances is probably quite difficult considering they work together and live within spitting distance. But luckily for Rhona, Paddy wasn’t drinking the same water as the rest of the village this week (he had his fill of out of character moments in The Great Tess Affair earlier in the year if you remember) and he decided to act like an adult about it. Having spent a while acting out and wanting his house back, he’s acknowledged his mistakes and was willing to give Rhona the house while he has the business (letting Rhona keep her job and Vanessa keep her share). It meant an easy life for everyone and stability for Leo. Rhona was chuffed and so was I. A touching scene, nicely acted by Dominic Brunt and Zoe Henry and not a shotgun in sight. Lovely.


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