Fave or Fail? (28 Nov-2 Dec 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! Sitcom capers aside, a good week full of some of Emmerdale’s best partnerships.


Love and Lies

vlcsnap-2016-12-04-15h49m27s215Not so long ago it seemed like Robert Sugden took a giant step back in character development and acted in a way that left many fans baffled when he shared a kiss with former flame Rebecca. (I was fuming FYI). This week though, this weird personality transplant was revealed to be one of Rob’s not-so-genius plans as he revealed he was using lovesick Bex and thankfully was still head-over-heels for stubbly-squeeze, Aaron. Even though the signposting of this kiss-plan could have been handled better, the more human Robert we’ve come to know and love returned. Yay! This week saw Robron at their very best and from their coupley closeness to their blazing rows, showed exactly why Emmerdale’s winning formula of Danny Miller + Ryan Hawley just works. Aaron’s take down of Rebecca as he called her bluff and made Robert sweat was a particularly good scene as was Robert’s continued maturation at finding a conscience and a family with Aaron. Their argument and make-ups now seem a lot more honest and raw compared to months where we had bitty on and off again spats. They’re strong now, but still as messy and enjoyable as they always were.

Stay off my Land

vlcsnap-2016-12-04-15h38m51s581The enjoyably manipulative Emma tried to meddle with Coira this week as she was fearless in facing up to Cain and tried to drive a further wedge between him and Moira. And with Moira’s hilarious towing of Cain’s caravan to a faraway field she told him loud and clear to stay off her land – Emma had the upper-hand. While I admit to being a Coira fan and think it seems pretty inevitable that they’ll reunite, it was good to see Moira take a stand after the heartbreak he’s caused. Jeff Hordley and Natalie J Robb are another Emmerdale pair that make the arguments and the love just seem so real between them so even though it’s sad breaking to see them fight, it’s great TV. Moira’s confrontation of Cain in the pub during his birthday (nice touch on the cake btw, Dingle family!) was crushing when we know Cain tried to put his heart and soul into that card, but it’s scenes like that which make the intensity of their connection shine.

Thirty Years in the Making

vlcsnap-2016-12-04-09h53m15s162Lawrence and Ronnie’s tragic relationship full of pain and pining came to a head this week as they finally decided to give things a go with Lawrence declaring his love for Ronnie in front of a rather shippy Bob. Aww. Of course, it being Emmerdale, it wasn’t as easy as that sounds. Not only has it taken thirty years, but even this week with Ronnie leaving the village, Lawrence struggled to say how he really felt and dismissed his begging of Ronnie to stay as a drunken mistake. While their scenes have been consistently interesting to watch as we uncovered the tragic ups and downs of their past, and Lawrence’s declaration was satisfying and emotional, I can’t help but feel maybe their past was more interesting than their present will be, particularly as Ronnie seems too sweet to fit in with the snobbery at Home Farm.

Burned too Many Times

vlcsnap-2016-12-04-15h42m02s567I really enjoyed Vanessa’s role in the (still disappointing) Frank plot this week. Michelle Hardwick gave a really feisty performance as Vanessa wasn’t ready to forgive dad Frank’s constant lies. While Tracy and co were transfixed by Frank’s stories, Vanessa refused to believe his lies and exploded when she realised they’d all been taken for fools again. I love seeing this gutsy, angry side to Vanessa when she thinks she’s been played and I especially enjoyed her making a toast to useless fathers and holding her ground when Frank tried to wheedle his way back in. Although she’s taken a firm stance against him, angry at herself for starting to feel sympathy for him before, she seems to be on her own in this view and I have a feeling she might be right when it comes to Frank’s unreliability. Watch out, Tracy!


Carry on Courtroom

vlcsnap-2016-12-02-19h45m15s986It wasn’t long ago Andy managed to do his own version of the Great Escape (which was only slightly less outlandish than EastEnders’ Max Branning’s run from court) but once again saw Emmerdale take on an infeasible break-out. Desperate to get herself back in the Whites’ good books, Rebecca attempted to break her nephew Lachlan out of court (for a life on the run? Great idea – not!) blackmailing Robert to help. While the escape didn’t go ahead, the scenes where Rebecca swiped a security pass with a sitcom style disguise and both her and Robert faked it to make it – you can’t help but think no security system would be that pathetic, even in Hotten! It wasn’t the worst suspension of disbelief I’ve ever seen in soap, particularly as the scheme didn’t go ahead fully and Robert and Rebecca winged it with just enough charm, but the fact it happened so soon after Andy’s breakout stretches the believability just a tad…

Farce and Fall Outs

vlcsnap-2016-12-02-19h47m41s029On paper a story that involved Bernice, Jimmy and Nicola would be a hit with me – all three are fantastic characters and frequently bring a laugh to my evening but this week’s story was a real misstep. Lonely Bernice and knackered Jimmy found themselves at a hotel and it wasn’t long before a suspicious and paranoid Nicola got the wrong idea. When it would have been quite easy for Jimmy to own up to his continued lack of sleep and sort out this whole unnecessary miscommunication between him and Nicola, the lies rumbled on and so did the prolonged and OTT comedy. Sure, there were funny moments, like Bernice hiding in the cupboard and shielding her ears from sex noises and the over-involved hotel manager but it was all too much to the point of it being boring. What this story and Emmerdale definitely didn’t need was another character sharing a kiss with someone that wasn’t their partner and then lying about it, only to be found out later. And worst still, we literally just had this with Nicola and Dan! I really love the Kings’ marriage but lately they’ve had the same rows and silly make-ups and it’s stopped being as sweet and funny. All three characters deserved better than this story and better comedy than this too!


4 thoughts on “Fave or Fail? (28 Nov-2 Dec 2016)

  1. Love Aaron and Robert. They really are the best. Even if it’s been really stagnant in Emmerdale since the big accident in October due to some rather questionable writing choices, Aaron, Robert, Ashley, Laurel are still the best things going for them in their current storylines.


  2. This is a bit random but i was just wondering what caused the scenes between robron to be so coupley since the engagement. I saw some posts about it being the fact that ryan and danny bonded more after the SSW, but i just wondered if it was just better writing? I mean, during the whole promotion for the bsa, we saw that danny and ryan were very confortable with each other, or at least it was how it came across. I don’t know :p I just wanted people’s opinion on it. But yeah, I wasn’t expecting that much from this week and I was pleasently suprised by their scenes. They felt real and raw and i do love when they are bickering/arguing, the scenes of them bickering in SSW were some of my favourites, and i think it’s when danny and ryan’s chemistry shines the most.

    The rest that happened this week was good, except the whole bernice/nicola/jimmy business. I’m getting tired of the third wheels/kisses that aren’t supposed to happen in couples. Emmerdale is over using that trope! It’s really annoying. Another thing that i still can’t enjoy are the Whites. Chrissie is tolerable (i did like her more before her personality makeover), but the rest of them are just ugh. Always more of the same…(i won’t start hating on ther other white i dislike because i do that way too much :p). And it seems like sometimes people in the show forget that Lachlan sexually abused Alicia. Why is all this pity about?

    Anyway, good week!


  3. I’ve been surprised at how some stories have such quick reveals – I’d assumed they were going to drag the truth about Frank and the robbery out for a month or two at least. I don’t know if they’re cutting things short because of something not working or if they just know viewers don’t have the patience for some of this. Either way I agree that it was good to see Vanessa’s reaction.

    I’ll admit I laughed at a fair amount of the Nicola/Jimmy/Bernice stuff – when Nicola threw toilet paper rolls at them, when Jimmy walked out into the sunset with the clown wig (what a…surreal shot), when Bernice was trying to avoid overhearing them having sex. It’s too bad the story itself is so lazy. Clearly the show just sees Nicola and Jimmy and sometimes Bernice as worthy of the “comedy character” bracket, even when Nicola has shown she can be more. They have at least kept her injuries as part of her story – in soapland terms, she’s been injured for an eternity – so they should do something with those.

    I have mixed feelings about all the Aaron and Robert stuff. I’m glad the secret is out and that Aaron didn’t let the Whites win, but I don’t really believe he just kissed Rebecca as part of a plan and I don’t care for him trying to turn it around on Aaron. Aaron is very insecure about his relationship with Robert and Robert isn’t doing anything to change that.

    I liked the bit where Chrissie convinced Rebecca to tell Aaron because of when Aaron had told her about the affair. It was a nice use of one of the more shocking moments of the affair story (probably one of the best scenes of last year).

    Ronnie is such a wonderful man. I can’t see him lasting with the Whites for long, but I wish him luck.


  4. Poor Rebecca, all she ever hears from her father is “I think you should leave” only to be told in the next episode “You can stay”. Do you think she bothers un-packing her case? I think Emily Head (daughter of Anthony Head) is a great actress, it’s just that when she talks, it looks like she’s been dubbed 🙂
    Since when did the Butler’s farm caravan change? When Ross was going to shoot a drunken Pete it was a large 8 berth static caravan, but suddenly it’s a tourer when Moira needs to tow it!


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