Scene of the Week (28 Nov-2 Dec 2016)



Lovely Finn Barton is often used as comedy relief or the voice of reason in the middle of his brothers’ testosterone fuelled posturing and even if his latching onto coma patient Kasim has been slightly creepy, Joe Gill’s impressive performance makes this my Scene of the Week pick. Finn’s grief for the loss of his father, and belief he committed suicide, all came exploding out in this scene as brothers Pete and Ross took a surprising supportive role as they tried to understand why he’d been a bit of a stalker to the unconscious stranger. We’ve seen before that Joe Gill really shines in emotional material when he’s given the chance and as well as his capacity for a great comedy scene, this moment was a very effective way of showing how someone as placid as Finn can reach breaking point. Again it made a welcome change to see Ross and Pete’s selfishness and bro banter take a backseat as they tried to support him, even if Ross ended up upsetting him (no surprises there). How ever Finn’s grief and fixation on Kasim transpires, I hope Finn’s able to find some happiness and not pin too much of his recovery on the man he rescued.


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