Scene of the Week (5-9 Dec 2016)



In years to come, when Emmerdale’s dementia storyline is heralded as one of their best ever stories (and it will be), it’ll be scenes like this one which will be remembered forever. After a very difficult week, with the pressure of Ashley’s illness building and building, Laurel reached breaking point. Unable to cope with looking after him alone, Laurel lied that it was bedtime and locked Ashley away in the bedroom. The power of this scene came from the slow build of heartbreaking pressure weighing on Laurel’s shoulders taking her to such extreme lengths just to get through the rest of the day. Charlotte Bellamy’s performances this week have perfectly shown that quiet, consuming strain that Ashley’s illness is having on family life – particularly when we know Laurel is battling with her own illness too – and this scene delivered the shock and the pain of someone out of their depth and devastated by their actions. Of course, John Middleton as Ashley once again gave us the terrific performance of a man confused and disturbed, which only added to the crushing impact of this memorable scene.


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