Scene of the Week (12-16 Dec 2016)



I’ll cover the brilliant Lydia/Paddy storyline in this week’s Fave or Fail? but believe me, if you haven’t see this scene, my scene of the week choice, you need to watch it right now. Not satisfied with her brief date with Paddy, Lydia was on a mission to make him her lover. She wasn’t even put off by a string of unanswered calls and the fact he was already married (nice work, Rhona). Nope, Lydia was unstoppable, even trying to get down to it in the back room of the pub. When Chas entered, things just got even funnier with all three actors playing off each other with fantastic comic flare. As Chas tried to rescue Paddy she went to extreme measures (via a comedy slap and a passionate snog) to try and convince Lydia that she and Paddy were already in a secret fling. Everything from the facial expressions to the general craziness was just pitch perfect and a hilarious addition to the week’s drama.


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