Emmerdale’s Worst Moments of 2016


Emmerdale had an INCREDIBLE 2016 winning awards left right and centre, but it can’t be flawless all the time. Later I’ll be continuing my countdown of the Top 20 Best Moments of the year, but here’s a brief look at the worst bits of Emmerdale in 2016.


6. David’s never ending proposals

David and Tracy’s relationship had a really tender beginning and I was fully on board, but when David rushed into proposing and Tracy eventually said no, he wasn’t going to let that be her answer. What followed was months of David trying to wear her down and bulldoze over her feelings by proposing in increasingly outlandish ways. Perhaps the intention was to be seen as funny and sweet but instead David just seemed like a bit of a creep, without respecting that Tracy thought it was too soon. By the time they finally got married, I was sort of beyond the point of caring and David hadn’t just worn me down, he’d made me reach the point of irritation.


5. Jermaine and Belle’s affair

Ugh. That’s Jermaine and Belle’s affair summarised in one word. It wasn’t just due to the icky age gap and his professional status as a doctor, but the way this plot went on and on. Their sudden uncontrollable passion for each other never felt very believable and when the affair came out, Dr Bailey was quick to let Belle take the fall and say it was all in her head. Bastard! Unfortunately that wasn’t the end, as Belle tried to hang onto him by claiming to be pregnant and what followed was a harrowing breakdown plot for Belle as she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. While Eden Taylor Draper’s performances were great, Belle’s visions of “Ellie” were just way too similar to last year’s story when Belle heard Gemma’s voice. Again we faced the oblivious Dingles and repetitive moments of Belle reacting to the voices and hiding this from everyone, which overshadowed the sensitive issues of the plot. Jermaine did stand by her and became more fun working behind the bar, but thankfully they’ve broken up now and we might get something different from Belle in the future.


4. Kerry’s spiralling out of control

There’s been a noticeable shift in Kerry Wyatt this year and her goofy and loud comedy has been overtaken by a selfish nastiness, which has got worse in recent months since her relationship with Dan ended. Ever since Kerry sided with Joanie against the lovely Lisa, we’ve seen a colder and less loveable character meaning that when she is funnier, it doesn’t always have the right tone. Kerry can be sympathetic and she has had a rough time of it but her attitudes and behaviour in the workplace and towards others haven’t been a pleasure to watch. Instead of wanting to rescue Kerry from her bad decisions, there’s a greater feeling of wanting her to snap out of it and just stop this immature behaviour!


3. The Whites vs everyone and each other

I have a very difficult relationship with the White family. I enjoyed Chrissie in camp bitch mode, I enjoyed Lawrence’s tragic backstory and I think Thomas Atkinson is a good performer, but as a family unit they’re still such a muddle with their motivations being unreadable or all over the place. Their position as antagonists in the village works to an extent but seems to go round in circles when it’s clear they will never be defeated. Watching the Whites vs the Sugdens is still as tedious as it was from the beginning when it looks obvious Andy won’t return and Lachlan won’t go down for Lawrence’s shooting. Lachlan as a character doesn’t work, since the lack of remorse and no real resolution to the sexual assault storyline makes his existence in the show uncomfortable and irredeemable; the Whites’ lack of any real connections in the village two years on from their arrival mean their interactions are limited and repetitive and often we’re left in an endless cycle of the same disputes, including the ones with each other.


2. Rakesh’s money woes

Sorry Rakesh fans, but he has got to be the biggest soap bore of 2016. Okay, he might have had an eventful summer committing arson and insurance fraud in a bid to dig himself out of debt but that hasn’t made him any more interesting. Money plots rarely work on screen and watching Rakesh sweat as he lost it all just wasn’t dramatic or even emotional. Emmerdale even tried to go down the tragic backstory route but there’s just no intrigue or empathy to be found in Rakesh. He lacks any sort of charisma, he’s a dead weight around Priya’s neck and he’s dominated the show far too much this year. Now with Kirin gone there feels like even less of a purpose to him and I wouldn’t miss him if he had to leave the village forever.


1. Cheating plots

If I could change two things from Emmerdale 2016, one would be less misogynistic writing (be it the way some female characters are written, how some female characters interact with each other or how men treat them without consequence) and two would be to cut down on the cheap cheating plots. Sure, cheating has been a soap trope since forever but this year has seen an unnecessary amount of “shock” kiss scenes used as a fast device for conflict and drama. Don’t believe me? Here’s a quick (and probably incomplete) list: Moira/Pete, Nicola/Dan, Chrissie/Rakesh, Moira/James, Kerry/Ross, Rebecca/Robert, Bernice/Jimmy, Lisa/Zak, Laurel attempting to kiss Marlon, Holly attempting to kiss Cain, Ross attempting to kiss Victoria… Not only is it repetitive and lazy it’s a miserable viewing experience when you can’t rely on any stability between your favourite soap couples. We expect drama and conflict in relationships but with so many of the Emmerdale couples in tatters, don’t keep ruining every other couple with these endless cheating plot devices!


7 thoughts on “Emmerdale’s Worst Moments of 2016

  1. I agree with everything, especially the first point. Jesus, so much cheating/kisses plot thingys. It was exhausting! Emmerdale, please, in the future, less of that. one of those destroyed smething inside of me, it was sooo unnecessary, as it always is… And also, the women is emmerdale… way too foccused on men, there are more things in life :p


    • I forgot something. We need to see way less of the Whites(better yet, kill them allll!!)! What an incredibly annoying and unlikable family. Not even when we’re portrayed as some sort of villains they’re entertaining… Chrissie is alright, not her biggest fan, but she is a good “soap bitch”, the others… not so much. Lawrence is a bore, and I don’t buy his relationship with Ronnie, who should leave that family as soon as possible, Lachlan is a psycho teen and has done way too much vile stuff to still be on the show (I do feel bad about this because the actor is really good) and Rebecca is just there, don’t know why they brought her, I find her annoying and really disrepectful and very close-minded for someone who travelled so much, can’t stand her.

      Sorry, this turned into a rant *blushes*


    • I have better hopes for 2017 as we’re seeing some good stuff with Lisa being on Joanie’s side (although we also have the cattiness of Emma vs Leyla and Chrissie vs Rebecca) but fingers crossed for a less misogynistic year!


  2. I agree with your list, although Nicola/Dan was the one cheating story that worked for me and I’m sorry it was cut so short (I don’t consider Holly/Cain to be “cheating” as Cain was never interested in her and Holly was broken and lost, not out to steal her mother’s man).

    The worst part of Rakesh’s story was when he attempted suicide for half an episode before changing his mind. None of this was ever mentioned again. Just bizarre and irresponsible.

    I would also add the Cain/Charity saga, which I don’t believe the show ever had any idea what to do with as it was started by Kate Oates before she left, and which mostly involved both characters being horrible and pathetic before abruptly wrapping up. The nadir was Chas repeatedly calling Charity slurs and even taunting her for her past as a prostitute. If the show hadn’t already damaged Chas so much in recent years, then I would have been even more disgusted. At least that stopped, finally, thankfully.

    Happy New Year.


    • I agree that Dan and Nicola was a lot better than it could have been, but ultimately it was a shame because the friendship between them was nice and it fractured two couples (either with a split in D/K’s case or constant bickering as with J/N) but yes the best of the bad bunch. I think it was more the excess and repetitive level of it, whatever the motivations behind the kiss.

      Everything with Rakesh seems half-hearted and yet drags on and on! Enough already. I hope we see less of him in 2017.

      I was considering adding Cain and Charity because it was, on the whole, awful, but I was trying to keep this list as short as poss! Plus, it seems like it’s been resolved as such.

      Happy New Year!


  3. Do you think the number of shock kiss scenes was in response to the backlash they got in 2015 from the full blown affairs that started (Paddy/Tess and Zak/Joannie was horrible to watch)? Emmerdale didn’t want to do more affairs like this but also wanted to throw their couples into turmoil so they thought lets have everyone kiss people they shouldn’t.


    • Oh I hadn’t really thought of that! It’s possible. In a way I’m quite pleased that 2016 seemed to be a way of cleansing the mistakes of 2015, or at least moving characters on so that the more outrageous and unlikeable character traits can be redeemed – Zak, Paddy etc.


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