Scene of the Week (9-13 Jan 2017)



The Lachlan/White shooting saga has not been a highlight of the past six months of Emmerdale by any means, but there are some glimmers of good moments in the story thanks to some great performances and my scene of the week choice is one of those. When visiting her son in prison, Chrissie was devastated to realise that Lachlan’s beatings and bruises were all his own doing in a bid to elicit sympathy from her – and a Porsche. Chrissie had spent the week negotiating with Cain and worrying about Lucky’s welfare, so she was horrified to see him remorseless and gloating about his victim performance. Let’s be honest, she shouldn’t be surprised by now. The narrative surrounding the Whites has always been muddled but there’s potential in the Chrissie and Lachlan relationship and her enabling of his horrific behaviour and the impact this has on her as a mother. Thomas Atkinson’s performance in this scene, as twisted Lachlan threatened to betray his mother’s wishes and confess to a cold bloodied murder attempt – or worse, blame it all on her – were particularly well done. If only the story stopped portraying their morally black behaviour as the wrong turns of the hard-done by then their villainy could be a lot better.



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