Scene of the Week (16-20 Jan 2017)



Emmerdale characters sitting down together for emotional heart-to-hearts are my weakness. There’s nothing better than a well written, well acted “quiet” scene like this. Combine this with one of soap’s most complex and gripping love stories and you’re onto a winner. With Aaron and Robert’s innermost flaws conflicting in an emotionally fraught way this week, they’d reached breaking point. But as Robert tried his hardest to reassure Aaron of his love and loyalty, Aaron’s personal insecurities blinded him from accepting that their love for each other was strong enough to overcome his doubts. We’re used to seeing Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley’s award winning partnership giving us burst of drama and romance, but this was a showcase of their enduring chemistry, one that keeps getting better and better, even when Aaron and Robert’s relationship is tested. Setting this scene at night, with a range of close-ups, gave an intimate feel to the heartbreak on show and let the actors really shine.


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