Scene of the Week (30 Jan-3 Feb 2017)



Victoria Barton really earned the title Queen Victoria this week as she completely destroyed Chrissie White in a brilliant take down. Having reached her limit and fed up of Chrissie lording it around the village, Vic finally snapped and tore into her former sister-in-law. With Lachlan banged up, Chrissie once again played the victim and was emotional and angry at the Sugdens for – in her eyes – gloating at justice being served. Vic was quick to put Chrissie in her place, giving her a tirade of home truths about her twisted son and the vicious behaviour of the White family which meant Andy was driven from the village and now can’t be there for his ill daughter. We often see Victoria as the kind-hearted sweetheart of the village so to see her stand up to Chrissie with real guts and fire was a punch-the-air moment. Brilliant moment and definitely one to watch again! Even Tracy gave a little impressed nod at the end!


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