Scene of the Week (20-24 Feb 2017)



This was such a significant, dramatic and emotional week in Emmerdale that choosing a favourite scene was really difficult, but after all the tears and heartbreak later on in the week I had to opt for the moment where Aaron and Robert finally got married. After an epic rollercoaster of a romance, their nuptials were fitting, intimate and heartfelt, taking place among the tyres, oil and engines of the Dingle garage – and yep, where they had sex for the first time! The scene was shot beautifully, with close ups showcasing their intense love for each other and soft lighting that made the whole moment special. Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley made the emotions look effortless as their alter-egos expressed the depth of their feelings, proving that their level of chemistry is gold dust. Even with expectations high, this did not disappoint – with nods to the past, tailor made vows and poignant performances – this scene really earns its place in Emmerdale history.


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