Scene of the Week (27 Feb-3 March 2017)



In the two hardest hitting plots in Emmerdale right now (Ashley’s dementia and Aaron’s prison hell) there were many scenes that were powerful enough to get my Scene of the Week title, but this one just stole it for communicating so much with so little dialogue. Having felt a little put-out by Marlon’s comments in the pub about how he should go and visit Ashley and see what Laurel’s been coping with, Sandy did just that and found his son a shadow of his former self. At first it seemed like there was a semblance of recognition but that quickly faded and Sandy realised that Ashley had no idea who he was and was quickly distracted by the arrival of Maggie. Seeing them so close was a moment of realisation for Sandy and a striking feeling of loss. Freddie Jones had hardly any dialogue in this scene and yet he managed to convey that agony of a father watching their son fade away and it was a turning point for Sandy, realising that Laurel has been coping with so much more than he knew.


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