Scene of the Week (20-24 March 2017)



Cast your mind back to Thursday’s two-parter. Faith’s insensitively handled psychic night caused Emma Barton to have an meltdown when she thought her killer secret might be known to the village’s new loudmouth. Of course, we now know Faith hadn’t overheard Emma’s church confession, but Emma watched on as Faith headed to Dale View, terrified that her life-changing secret was about to be shared. On panic mode, Emma picked up a handy near-by rock (it’s funny how villagers always manage to find one when they’re in a rage) and launched herself in Faith’s direction. The tension was ramped up nicely in this scene as we were all reeling from the Emma vs Faith showdown in the pub and the thought that Emma’s life might just come crashing down. And THEN, seemingly out of nowhere and proving that everyone in Emmerdale needs to resit their driving tests, Harriet knocked down Emma in her Jesus van. Symbolic or what? Jesus had almost flattened Emma Barton and stopped her from taking another life. Hashtag blessed. Overall quite a fun scene that was gripping in its unexpectedness. To tell you the truth, I half expected a quickie fake amnesia plot, but at least we’ve been spared that for now.



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