Scene of the Week (8-12 May 2017)



There was an unbearable amount of tension in scenes this week as Vanessa saw Rhona’s trashed house and confronted her about what had happened with Pierce. I wasn’t sure how the scenes or the story was going to play out so I braced ready for Rhona to shut her down or avoid telling her the truth, but when Rhona finally revealed to her best friend that Pierce had raped her, I got chills. Much of the reveal scene was silent from Rhona with us, the audience, silently begging her to say as Vanessa continued to push for answers. The characters’ friendship has been rocky of late but I was so glad Vanessa was the one for Rhona to confide in, particularly because she’s another woman but also because their onscreen dynamic is one that always feels believable. The performances from Zoe Henry and Michelle Hardwick gave me goosebumps as they delivered so much emotion in the understated scene, leaving the silence to play out between Rhona voicing what had happened to her.


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