Fave or Fail? (14-18 August 2017)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! A great week of big moments – Moira kissed Cain, Finn learnt some of the truth about James’s death, and Leyla and Pete jilted each other!


Emma’s Confession

vlcsnap-2017-08-19-16h53m07s699We’re one step closer to Emma’s world crumbling as this week saw Finn put 2 + 2 together to make 5 and got the almost truth about how his dad died. With thrillingly tense scenes, Finn confronted his mum and managed to dig away at her panicked and unravelling lies until he got her to confess that she was there on the bridge and that it was an argument which lead to James’s death. Joe Gill gave the performance of his time on Emmerdale so far as his emotions switched from disbelief and anger to confusion and upset. Finn’s relationship with Emma has always been an interesting one, especially as in some ways they’re so similar, so it was only right he was the first to expose the truth. Gillian Kearney plays Emma’s emotional turmoil so well that you can almost believe her fabrications to hide the real extent of her involvement in James’s death. The scenes of Finn’s suspicion and Emma’s confession spanned an hour long episode but it was a testament to the performances that it didn’t drag at all. With Finn now sitting on the big secret it doesn’t feel like long before more of the truth will come out but I worry for his safety if Emma’s irrational behaviour gets out of hand. Exciting stuff!

Marriage Mayhem

vlcsnap-2017-08-19-16h53m49s487Pete and Leyla’s wedding was never going to go smoothly, was it? But who could’ve guessed the Carry On escapades that transpired?! With Pete and Priya’s betrayal stinking up the air, I think most of us expected the liaison to come out in dramatic effect but what we didn’t expect was a double jilting with both bride and groom trying to escape through the toilet windows! This storyline has been something of a damp squib, but the wedding two-parter was full of genuinely funny moments. From Doug and Eric’s bickering to the wedding goer’s aghast at the crazy events following the window rescue, there were some great laughs. It was nice too to see Jacob in a sweet and supportive role, and even Ross managed to look like the mature and non-sleazey one compared to Pete! But perhaps nothing will top the brilliant moment of Leyla’s open-mouthed reaction to see her groom making the same escape she was. Priceless.

Lingering Feelings

vlcsnap-2017-08-19-16h49m23s082I’ve long been a fan of Cain and Moira’s relationship so to see all those unresolved feelings rise to the surface again this week was a joy. Their chemistry makes these sorts of moments seem effortless and you can fully believe the multitude of unsaid emotions. Despite a bit of a sexist trope being used when Cain came to Moira’s rescue (this is Moira who’s used to farm machinery and independence here!) it stirred up lingering tension and Moira went in for a kiss. Over the next few days, with Harriet feeling like a spare part, Cain and Moira cemented themselves as the couple destined to be together as Moira tried to set Cain free again to move on, even though we all know deep down they both still love each other. It’s pretty obvious how this one’s going to play out but all that embittered love and tension is the right kind of romance angst!


Tired Laughs

vlcsnap-2017-08-19-16h43m41s833It’s not the worst comedy story ever seen – and god, remember last year’s endless pirate ship summer filler?! But Emmerdale really need to come up with something new for the rivalry between Nicola + Jimmy vs Kerry + Dan. Separately both couples can offer quite a lot of laughs, when it’s done right, but the petty competition between Kerry and Nicola – while their exasperated and hen-pecked spouses watch on – is getting old. Kerry’s loud-mouthed outrage and Nicola’s screechy need to rule are fine in small doses but after last year’s Dan and Nicola kiss moment, the two pairs did enough warring and now it’s lost its shine.

Mood Killer

vlcsnap-2017-08-19-16h41m52s608Much to my surprise I really enjoyed the Pete and Leyla near-wedding daftness. That was until Emmerdale decided to spoil it by having Pete and Priya go at it in the honeymoon suite. Ew, grubby! Since Pete and Priya began their hook ups, it’s been an out-of-nowhere mess, really lacking that key affair ingredient – chemistry. I can just about buy Priya’s loneliness, the way she feels out of place now that Rakesh has gone, but her betrayal of Leyla has always been hard to stomach or believe, especially for someone as charisma free as Pete. Pete spent the latter half of his wedding day tearing into Priya and being generally vile but her confronting him and standing up to him didn’t last long, and soon we had to grimace through truly uncomfortable scenes. I’m sure Priya’s thumping of Pete’s chest and his shouty grabbing of her was meant to get us going but it was awkward and pretty revolting behaviour to say the least. And about as far from sexy as you can get. End this now, please!


3 thoughts on “Fave or Fail? (14-18 August 2017)

  1. Hello, I watch ED from Canada, courtesy of illegal youtube videos. My partner and I look forward to your blog because it addresses the show as a whole (rather than particular pairings or characters). We lived in West Yorkshire for 18 months and the show feels like a very important connection to the people we met, and the friends we made while we were there. Your blog lets us be part of a virtual dialogue. Please feel free to not post this reply – but I felt compelled to open up a bit of a conversation regarding one of your observations.

    We desperately want to see one of the major commentary sites in the UK be on Harriet’s side! While we loved Coira, when ED didn’t reunite them at Christmas, we decided to ‘let go’. We would be happy to embrace them again. That said, we MUST take issue with characterizing Harriet as a ‘spare part’.

    Initially, I shared some of your reservations about the Cain and Harriet pairing (I think you must have posted something back in April that critiqued the timing and motivations of their liaison). This week, rather than making me long for Cain and Moira again, I could actually see the triangle form. Harriet had several stand-out scenes: the confrontation and conversation with Moira, the very poignant conversation with Cain in the church, the charming and light-hearted breakfast scene with the Dingle’s and finally her intervention with Rhona (which you tweeted about). For me, Harriet became a real player – taking emotional risks and embracing hopeful honesty. In a week that gave us the very troubling Pete a and Priya ‘no means yes’ scene, Harriet was the female role model I would want my daughters to see on television. I’m not sure we’ll ever see the sort of passion that Moira seems to generate – but I’m questioning if it is needed. In their scenes together there was an easy warmth between Cain and Harriet, even a bit of vulnerability, that was consistent with the stage and circumstance of their ‘relationship’. I could buy it more than the ‘illicit’ affair of last April. By the end of the week, I wanted Harriet to be very lucky in love (not saying who with). What does it say about us as viewers if we would want anything less for her?

    I have some thoughts about the exercise stuff with Nicola and Kerry too – but for another time.

    Thanks again for your blog!


  2. Oh thank you for your comment! I love getting comments and I love talking to Emmerdale fans!

    It’s interesting to read you say you want commentary to be on Harriet’s side – I do think she’s grown in popularity and certainly has her fans. However my constant sticking point is that I just can’t really warm to her as a character. I think all along they’ve tried to go for the “cool vicar” vibe but I’ve always found her…just dull. I wanted more from her but now we’ve had it I’m not sure personally that she’s a stand-out character for me. She’s on Megan level, in that I don’t dislike her but I wouldn’t miss her.

    But I’ve got to say this week I did appreciate her a lot more and I admired her for confronting Moira about it and I really thought they gave Harriet quite a sympathetic but strong perspective. I liked that. I also liked her role in Rhona’s story too. And in a way I did feel, more this week than ever, that Harriet deserves more than just being Cain’s stepping stone and tactic for moving on. Giving her more vulnerability this week was far more believable than their illicit affair stuff. For me the chemistry just isn’t really there for me to care as much as I do for Cain and Moira, but this week was the most interesting and most warm I’ve felt towards Harriet.


  3. Now I’m inspired to provide you with a guest segment on the forgotten women of Emmerdale! I’ll need to think about this a little bit. Looking forward to next week.


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