Scene of the Week (4-8 Dec 2017)



Sometimes the best scenes are the most unexpected moments between two characters who rarely share screentime together and that was the case this week as Bob reached out to Moira. Loss and death of loved ones is something no villager has escaped, but with Moira still feeling desperately low, Bob did his best to make her see that Holly’s death wasn’t her fault. Bob’s emotional chat with Moira really triggered the tear ducts as he talked about losing his daughter Dawn and how he struggled to cope with the guilt of not being there. I love a good slice of Emmerdale history in scenes! Bob was also able to relate to Moira’s difficulties with Isaac, as his twins arrived very shortly after Dawn’s death and he echoed what some of Moira’s emotions have been. Ultimately the biggest positive about this scene and story is Emmerdale’s attitude towards Holly’s death and the way it’s been told. It’s very different from the usual quick pace of grieving in soap, and that’s been a real strength to Moira’s story, allowing her PND to be more complex and real.


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