Scene of the Week (24-28 Sep 2018)



Charity had an unlikely ally this week, in the shape of village regular PC Swirling and this surprise and tender moment makes my Scene of the Week. Poor Charity has been struggling in the wake of Bails’ sentencing and after a maddening lack of support from the Dingles she spiralled. Swirling picked Charity up after an altercation with a farmer, but when he dropped her off home he was sympathetic and sensitive to her plight which was an immediate relief to Charity. Swirling has been a regular copper in Emmerdale having multiple run-ins with the Dingles so it was nice to see him be one of the few actually perceptive to Charity’s struggles rather than dismissive. Emma Atkins gives so much to even the smallest scenes and you could tell how much of a relief it was for Charity, albeit briefly. Great unexpected scene.


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