Scene of the Week (15-19 Oct 2018)



I’ve been so impressed with Jack Downham’s performances in recent months, but the scenes between Noah and Graham this week were really stand-out. Noah’s love for his brother Joe had shone in their time together, it wasn’t just about the idolisation, but about having someone in his corner who put him as a priority. He’s always felt a bit lost in Charity’s chaos, so to have Joe was a chance for Noah to have that friend and hero big brother. With Joe gone, Noah crumbled and Graham tried to shake him into reason. Though Graham’s approach was on the tougher, colder side of tough-love, there was a bittersweet irony to the scene watching and knowing that Graham seems to have been the one to end Joe’s life himself. But this duplicity, with Graham fulfilling a fatherly role to Noah rather than Joe could be a purpose for Graham that he seems to be lacking. Hats off to Jack though, for making Noah’s frustration and pain so palpable.


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