Scene of the Week (5-9 Nov 2018)



It’s been months since Gerry became one of Lachlan’s victims and I don’t know about you, but I still really miss him. A year ago, Gerry was right at home helping Doug with the fireworks and thought himself something of an expert. So this week’s tribute to Gerry felt a very fitting and moving way to remember him properly, especially after his lacklustre funeral. My Scene of the Week had to be Doug’s emotional speech as he conveyed what Gerry meant to the village (and likewise his fans) and revealed Gerry’s plaque in the community garden, now named after him. With Gerry’s epithet reading: Pyromaniac, Joker, Gardener and Beloved Friend – it couldn’t have summed him up better. Doug set off a rocket in his memory, with Duncan Preston’s emotional hitch in his voice giving the scene a surprising power. When Doug said he knew the firework wasn’t enough to get anyone arrested but he hoped it would put a cheeky smile on Gerry’s face, I had a real lump in my throat. Miss you Gerry lad!


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