Scene of the Week (19-23 Nov 2018)


Nicola had chaos this week when she was forced to juggle two jobs and three kids – four if you include big kid Robert Sugden, who was on a mission to wind her up. Mischievous Robert used the King kids to irritate their mum and distract her from business with the haulage firm. This scene was brilliant fun, and as Nicola got more irate, Robert shrugged off any interest in helping her out, teaching the kids to throw insults and paper balls instead. It got even funnier when Ellis stepped in and blew Nicola’s cover with Rishi. Robert was quite the dab hand with the babysitting, but his dead-pan refusal to help against Nicola’s raging desperation was a great mix. We’ve seen glimpses of Nicola and Robert’s comedy potential before but it’s always been fleeting – this was a true display of what a funny duo they could be. With the terrible twosome now on their own mission to take over Joe’s Waterhouse business, Emmerdale would be crazy to squander the humour they have in this pair.


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