Scene of the Week (26-30 Nov 2018)



Liam Cavanagh was high on my shit list this week after he sided with his cruel daughter Leanna and left Bernice humiliated. It was going to take a big gesture for him to be worthy of her again and that came in the form of this brilliant scene. Dressing up in that awful ball gown and wig, Liam made his entrance in the Woolie and begged Bernice for forgiveness. But it wasn’t just giggles Liam’a gesture produced, he wasted no time in telling Bernice what a successful woman she was and he wanted her just to be herself, no need for pretence. This was exactly what miserable Bernice needed to hear, having had her self esteem knocked many times by disastrous men. “Cavastock” are my new favourite couple and I really hope they last and Liam treats Bernice right!



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