Scene of the Week (31 Dec 2018-4 Jan 2019)



A predictable choice for my Scene of the Week maybe, but Mandy’s arrival at the end of Friday’s episode gave me that “Oooh!” factor. Her timing was impeccable, as in true soap style Paddy had just declared that nothing would break him and Chas apart, ever again. Right on cue, Mandy! Mandy’s iconic status means her return has a lot riding on it, but being as I missed her original tenure, I have no preconceptions except that Mandy looks like she’s going to cause a lot of fun and chaos. After Sam did some quick intros and Belle filled in the gaps for oblivious viewers, Mandy introduced her son, who unsurprisingly looks suspiciously like Paddy. Could this be the obvious twist we were expecting, or is the doppelganger look all a ruse? All I know is, Lisa Riley has bags of charm and I’m excited to see what happens next!


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