Scene of the Week (4-8 March 2019)



Emmerdale’s International Women’s Day special ended on a melancholy note, but was by far the most impactful scene of the week, as Charity read Lisa’s eulogy. This moment was a nice mirror to the opening montage of Emmerdale women bonding and considering their appearance in the mirror. In true Emmerdale style, the emotion of the eulogy scene was contrasted with Charity’s sense of humour as Lisa told her to put more enthusiasm into the opening, to which Charity responded with a sarcastic “Greetings!”. But as Charity read the tribute, including a ode to the best casserole ever, we saw a montage of the other women in the village overlaid with Charity’s voice over. Each line of the speech had relevance to the women featured and it gave feelings of shared experiences, strength and joy that made the Women’s Day episode feel so very special. Three cheers, Emmerdale!


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