Scene of the Week (25-29 March 2019)


Who’d have thought an unlikely dinner date between two of Emmerdale’s most loved couples would have been this entertaining? It was a meeting of minds as Robert and Charity edged around the elephant in the room before they’d even got to pudding, with Charity eventually agreeing to flirt her way to helping Robert secure a contract with furniture king Mike. Charity being Charity wasn’t just about to agree to Robert’s charm offensive and awkward laughter, she wanted a cut too. As their bored other halves looked on, Charity and Robert eventually shook on it and a new partnership was formed. Both Robron and Vanity are used to scenes of powerful emotional drama so to see them indulge in a funny and sparky scene over a bottle of wine was really good fun. Even though Charity and Robert have their ruthless and stubborn similarities, it was their long-suffering other halves that struck a bond too, bringing the laughs too as they reached peak business chat and lamented the cut-throat likeness in their spouses. Could this be the first double date of many? Here’s hoping!


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