Scene of the Week (6-10 May 2019)



After a stellar week of episodes, choosing a single Scene of the Week was an impossible task. So impossible that I even asked for suggestions on Twitter. Would it be the blackly comic scenes of Tracy and Priya in the woods? Leyla’s showdown with Maya? David’s hellish discovery? The horrific and shocking moment of Victoria’s attack? Emmerdale delivered this week – and then some! After some deliberation I chose a scene from the aftermath of Victoria’s rape, as Moira tried to help her realise she wasn’t at fault in any way. This scene wasn’t just a stunning performance from the criminally underrated Isabel Hodgins, but it also managed to dispel every myth and misconception surrounding the assault. The writing was fantastic in this scene. As Moira quite rightly pointed out, Victoria was entirely blameless and inviting Lee in was not an invitation for him to ignore her consent. Discussion overnight after Vic’s episode was rife, with fans on social media talking at length about the episode and how Lee had gone from a seemingly nice guy and potential boyfriend to raping Victoria in a brutal and disturbing scene. My Scene of the Week choice was almost an immediate response to these discussions, challenging any viewers who might have thought Vic’s behaviour was at fault. A powerful scene and in a tough storyline like this, essential dialogue.


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