Dress like your fave: Priya


Priya’s an ambitious and sexy businesswoman in the village and her wardrobe is a classy one. A lot of the time we see Priya in the office, so many of her most-worn outfits come in a monochrome look, be it a blazer or cute dress like this polka dot one, similar to one she wore on screen recently. What I like most about Priya’s choices is that her work wear is never dull or stuffy and I think we could all enjoy adding a bit of glamour to work like she does. Priya loves a¬†bodycon number or a playsuit and she’s great at making her clothes versatile, going from the factory or for a drink in the Woolie. One thing I’ve noticed lately about Priya’s choices is that she likes adding a splash of colour, which is great if you don’t normally like a loud wardrobe (unlike someone like Kerry!). Priya’s got a few of these coloured biker jackets and I love them. To finish off the Priya look it’s all about a smoky eye to complete the sleek and smart style.

Dress like your fave: Kerry


Kerry is a colourful character in the village of Emmerdale and her sense of style (or lack of!) certainly reflects that. Now, you might not want to go full on Kerry, but throwing in the odd fun piece might be a way to brighten up your wardrobe. Kerry goes big and bold in her choice of colour, from her signature pink lips to a bright biker jacket – they’re quick ways to liven up your outfits. There are lots of colourful biker jackets in the shops right now, so maybe Kerry is more fashionable than we thought. There’s also a lot of glitz and metallics in Kerry’s wardrobe, so you could got totally OTT with sequins like the above jeans, or a bit more subtle with these rose gold trainers – and if you really are after the Kerry look then she’d definitely wear these “love” earrings. For more casual wear, Kerry loves a printed top and she’s often seen with a bit of fur too – maybe not both at once. More recently Kerry wanted a pineapple motif bag (but ended up with earrings) and there’s loads in the shops right now – but I thought this one was cute and the perfect size for some cash and a lippie!

Dress like your fave: Chrissie


Lady of the manor Chrissie White is trying to redeem herself after a spell of being the village villain but her style has always been about classic, sophisticated glamour. If you’ve got something resembling Chrissie’s budget then you might like this chic and boxy jacket from Hobbs – jackets and blazers are Chrissie’s go-to! Sometimes we see Chrissie in coloured and snug fitting knitwear but this monochrome number would look just as classy. At her most devious we saw Chrissie floating around Home Farm in a lot of black and a lot of blouses and she was never too far from a large handbag, perfect for her size of purse! She’s got a saucy side too (handcuffs anyone?!) so a wine coloured leather-look skirt would be the perfect sexy addition. To finish the look, Chrissie loves a smokey eye and expensive looking jewellery. We might not have the White family’s budget, but you can still get close to that rich girl style.

Dress like your fave: Tracy


We’ve seen loudmouth Tracy’s softer side lately with the arrival of dad Frank and the discovery that Vanessa is her sister and in some ways her dress sense reflects these different sides of her. Tracy often opts for pretty pastel colours like this pink bomber jacket from Topshop (she loves a bomber jacket!) and she loves a bit of the 90s – as we know – so embroidered denim like these jeans and this jacket are perfect. We’ve frequently seen Tracy in printed tops and dresses so if you wanted to go bold like her, then something like this off-the-shoulder floral print top would look the part. As for going glam, I’d suggest leaving out the mud-splatted wedding dress and go for something striking, like this bodycon from New Look with a big print instead. When it comes to accessories, think 90s again: headscarves, big hoops or glitzy chandelier¬†earrings. And make up? You might want to go for something a little more subtle than Tracy’s pink and purple eyeshadow, but a pop of colour would work just as well. Overall, when it comes to Tracy’s style think pretty and floral with a 90s twist.

Dress like your fave: Leyla


Welcome to my brand new feature for The Woolie Weekly where I take inspiration from all our Emmerdale favourites and their dress sense.

First up is the gorge and glam Leyla Harding. Leyla is known for being bright and bold in her colour choices, with a mixture of pant suits and wet-look leggings. To pull off the Leyla look you could go for a statement blazer like this hot pink one from Topshop, maybe coordinating it with matching trousers or shoes. You could try wearing bold primary colours like this yellow playsuit from Boohoo or the red flares from River Island. Leyla often wears striking prints, like these cigarette trousers from Topshop, paired with a simple black or white top. When it comes to accessories and make up, Leyla often opts for silver jewellery, a smokey eye and nudey-pink lips. Overall, like Leyla you’ve got to be bright, bold and wear it with confidence!