Scene of the Week (25-29 June 2018)



In all honesty I could have picked any of Matty’s scenes for my Scene of the Week choice as his whole return was a stand-out moment, but I’ve picked the first moment that Matty reveals to Moira that he’s been living as a man. After realising that Cain had her child by the scruff of the neck, Butler’s kitchen bristled in silence as mother and son shared an awkward first hug. It wasn’t the reunion Matty had hoped for and Moira’s gut reaction was one of complete confusion, asking Matty why he looked like he did. Matty was left to tearfully explain that this is a good change and that he’s been living as a man now. This scene was just the start of a moving storyline and one which has already brought emotional and compelling character-led storytelling back to the forefront of Emmerdale. Ash Palmisciano’s performance made the moment tense and heartfelt, playing perfectly against the shock and confusion from Moira and Cain.


Scene of the Week (18-22 June 2018)



Cheating is more common than the cold in Emmerdale so just as you think they might have run out of ways to reveal it in spectacular fashion, they pull this out of the bag! With everyone waiting for Diane to come home to celebrate her birthday, the villagers hid ready to shout surprise, only for Doug to drop the Brenda bombshell before they had the chance. What followed was some hysterical reactions, from the drama loving Jimmy, to awkward disgust and horror from Bob and Laurel to Faith who just really needed a pee. Poor Diane had double the mortification as she heard the truth – not just about the bedroom antics but then watching her friends sheepishly escape the house having heard everything. It was a scene of pure cringe comedy but a great moment, even if it did mean destroying one of Emmerdale’s most stable couples.

Scene of the Week (11-15 June 2018)



My Scene of the Week choice is this really tender moment between Paddy and Chas in Thursday’s two-parter, just after she had broken the heart-wrenching news about the baby. I much prefer Paddy and Chas’s relationship as a platonic, almost brother-sister rather than romantic, but there was something warming about this quiet, comforting moment between them which I liked. It’s a difficult, emotive story that draws opinions on both sides but the performances by Dominic Brunt and Lucy Pargeter rang true for their characters and their relationship. Chas was almost childlike herself in this moment, feeling guilty for not telling Paddy sooner but not wanting to crush his excitement like hers had been, which was nicely done.

Scene of the Week (4-8 June 2018)



Charity made the brave decision to meet up with her estranged son this week to confront her past and see if she could get evidence against Bails. Having arranged to meet him in the park, Charity was moved and surprised to learn about Ryan’s disability, greeting him with her characteristic sharp-tongued rudeness. It was refreshing to Emmerdale deal with this meeting in a realistic way, to see Ryan talk so positively about his life while Charity dealt with her shock and guilt. As Charity battled to tell Ryan the truth about Bails and how he was born, we were introduced to her sarcastic and big-hearted son who still had compassion and forgiveness for her, even in his confusion about Bails. These scenes were wonderfully acted by Emma Atkins and newcomer James Moore, who already had a palpable connection on-screen. Here’s hoping we see a lot more of them together!

Scene of the Week (28 May-1 June 2018)



This gut wrenching scene was a powerful moment at the end of Thursday’s episode. While Marlon, Paddy and Faith celebrated the baby girl news in the pub, complete with Marlon’s enthusiastic dancing, Chas broke down alone. Given the heart-breaking news about the baby’s condition at the appointment without Paddy, Chas was unable to tell him when she got home. This scene was one of those moments of brutal contrast Emmerdale does so well – the happy obliviousness juxtaposed with tragedy – making all our hearts break for Chas’s situation. Lucy Pargeter’s performance in this moment, said so much about Chas’s state of mind and I’m sure she’ll continue to impress as this story continues.

Scene of the Week (21-25 May 2018)



My Scene of the Week choice is the simple one this week, as Doug expressed his guilt and remorse to Gerry’s uncle, the creatively named, Terry. It was full of the warmth and humour Emmerdale does best, as Sam and Lydia added levity to the aftermath of Gerry’s tragic death. As Sam tried to reason with Terry, he explained that Doug was like a “Great Granddad” to Gerry, making Doug’s eyes widen at the backhanded compliment. But the humour didn’t stop there, as grief counsellor Lydia stepped in to help Terry come to terms with his loss and citing Steve and her struggles. It wasn’t just Terry’s bemusement to Lydia’s straight face that was so good, but Aaron and Robert’s exasperation too. Sam also chipped in with his experience with pigs – which seemed very fitting for Emmerdale – with Aaron replying, “Well now you know why Gerry loved it here.” And we loved him too. You’re missed Gerry!

Scene of the Week (14-18 May 2018)



So Emmerdale did the unthinkable. They got rid of human puppy, funny guy Gerry Roberts in a savage and heartbreaking murder at the hands of his “buddy” Lachlan White. You can read why this was simultaneously a great soap moment and also a colossal mistake in this week’s Fave or Fail but let’s talk about those last scenes, as poor Gerry lay dying. We’re so used to Gerry being the cheeky ball of fun that it was even more painful to see him so vulnerable and in agony, especially as he made a futile attempt to plead with psycho Lachlan for his life. There were tender moments in between where we were reminded of how little we knew of Gerry’s background and how much more we could have learnt. Perhaps the saddest moment of all was where he checked his friend was okay, before revealing that he wasn’t, that he was bleeding a lot. Once again Thomas Atkinson gave a chillingly unhinged performance as Lachlan coldly “dealt” with his friend, making it torturous for us the viewers – and Gerry – knowing he wasn’t going to make it out alive. It was a horrible end for poor Gerry, but actor Shaun Thomas gave everything in these final scenes and had a great rapport with Thomas too. You’ll be missed Gerry lad, the village won’t be as fun without you.

Scene of the Week (7-11 May 2018)



“You’re a fine lad, Gerry. And don’t let anybody tell you any different.” Excuse me, there’s something in my eye! Amongst all the Bob ‘n Brenda drama, Thursday’s second episode offered us a surprising and touching scene between two unlikely pals: Doug and Gerry. Even though the lovely scene did seem to be another nail in the coffin for Gerry (who is probably going to croak it now that he knows Lachlan’s secret) it was a sweet moment between the two. Not only does Gerry mellow and make Doug lighten up, but it showed us a bit of Gerry backstory about his dad rather than him simply being a waif and stray comedy character. Sure the scene was the usual type I love (two character sat down having a heart-to-heart), and was an obvious set up for next week, but it was a sure fire way to make me extra fond of the Doug and Gerry friendship. I’m steeled ready and dreading next week’s episodes!

Scene of the Week (30 April-4 May 2018)



One of the week’s stand out stars was easily Jack Downham who plays Noah and my Scene of the Week choice reflects that. With Noah feeling increasingly drawn to big brother Joe, their afternoon together almost ended in tragedy as after a dare, Joe ended up in a quarry and in the back of an ambulance. Noah immediately blamed himself and was distraught at the thought of losing the brother he’d just met. Jack did a great job at showing Noah’s anguish and panic in the moment, with him being one of the only people Joe has been open and honest with. Even if Thursday’s quarry jump did have elements of the bonkers Thursday cliffhangers we used to endure, the scene held emotional weight for vulnerable Noah and gave Jack the chance to shine. 

Scene of the Week (16-20 April 2018)



What a shocker this scene was! With Bob and Laurel pining away in their ill-advised limbo of forbidden feelings I was too busy groaning at the end of Thursday’s episode to expect what happened next. These days in the world of spoilers, genuine surprises are a rare thing but having poor innocent Arthur discover his mum’s secret was a great moment. Alfie Clarke is a brilliant actor and his pained, confused expression really did the job of tugging at the heart strings. It was particularly painful that he discovered this secret in his safe space of the pirate ship, a place that meant so much to him and his dad. Even better was that it added a new dimension to the frustrating and irritating Bob and Laurel story. Poor Arthur!