Quote of the Week (3-7 June 2019)



Kerry: I bet [Lisa’s] looking down now thinking ‘Why are they there, I never even liked them’!
Faith: Yeah and ‘Why is she wearing that? It’s a funeral not a disco’.
Kerry: Well you can compare notes soon Faith, can’t you? I bet it won’t be too long until you get to see her again, will it hun?

Quote of the Week (15-19 April 2019)



Charity [performing a puppet show]: And then, one day, a beautiful princess turned up in the village. She was a vet, you know.
Vanessa: Please no.
Sam: Hey, bit like you, eh?
Charity: She had secret powers that meant she could talk to animals in their own language.
Sam: Except you can’t do that, can you?
Charity: And then all the men and all the women all fell in love with her.
Vanessa: Somebody please make her stop.