Quote of the Week (12-16 Aug 2019)



Jessie: I mean, what about Leanna? Where do I even start? She is a precious, manipulative little diva!
Bernice: And that’s a problem because?
Liam: We’re very proud of my daughter’s unique and vibrant personality.


Quote of the Week (5-9 Aug 2019)



Robert: Back in the day, I would have said: screw it, let’s not tell her. Because once she’s pregnant. That’s it, done deal.
Robert: But as you know, I’m a lot more sensible these days, so Nat needs to know the truth.



Quote of the Week (3-7 June 2019)



Kerry: I bet [Lisa’s] looking down now thinking ‘Why are they there, I never even liked them’!
Faith: Yeah and ‘Why is she wearing that? It’s a funeral not a disco’.
Kerry: Well you can compare notes soon Faith, can’t you? I bet it won’t be too long until you get to see her again, will it hun?