Scene of the Week (13-24 July 2020)



As Moira remained unconscious in her hospital bed after her hit and run, Cain’s worst fears came to the foreground – a life without his estranged wife was unthinkable. Stoic Cain is a tough man to get to open up, but we all know how deep his feelings still run for Moira, even after her betrayal (lets just pretend that terrible story didn’t happen!), so by her beside Cain begged her to recover. As Cain opened up (well, as much as Cain does) Moira’s eyes flickered and when he left we saw her eyes open and a tearful smile emerge. The feelings are still there and it gives us hope that the reunion many viewers still want has a chance.

Scene of the Week (29 June-10 July 2020)



On the quest to find AWOL Andrea, Jamie’s erratic driving in the dark caused him to hit someone and then flee the scene. We later discovered the victim of his hit and run was Moira meaning Jamie’s act of cowardliness will have far reaching consequences. Admittedly Jamie isn’t the most interesting character with some fans arguing he’s a bit too weak-willed to really be a Tate, but this act shows he’s darker than we first thought. Could we see a darker side to him, especially if Andrea and Kim pull the strings? Surely it’s only a matter of time before he has enough? This incident also nicely ties together many other characters and stories – from Moira and the farm, to Cain and the Malone story – as well as Jamie’s dilemma and pushes things into a new direction.

Scene of the Week (25 May-5 June 2020)



Who doesn’t love a good affair reveal? After Andrea’s plotting, she made sure she had an audience to shatter Jamie and Belle’s affair, and outed them right in the middle of a pub quiz. With some crafty manoeuvring from Leyla, Belle’s phone was pocketed and revealing texts between her and Jamie were shared on screen. This was a perfectly juicy reveal with Ellis conveniently there to receive the blow and Andrea watched on, putting on the performance of a lifetime. While Jamie’s reaction to blame Belle felt a bit clunky, as did the extreme misogyny towards her from Tracy and Dawn, the reveal itself was fun and cringe inducing.

Scene of the Week (27 April-8 May 2020)



Andrea’s world was shattered this fortnight as during the Easter egg hunt she witnessed Jamie and Belle kissing and him promising her a future. This was a pivotal moment for Andrea and actress Anna Nightingale did a great job at showing how in the space of a minute, the rug was pulled from under her and gaining our sympathies. Even though Andrea and Jamie’s marriage has often felt an odd fit and a bit dry, it was impossible not to feel sorry for her here, but also feel a slight frisson of excitement about how she might get her revenge.

Scene of the Week (13-24 April 2020)



As Sam prepared for his big day there was time for this lovely scene between him and Samson. After Sam gave Samson his wedding ring, Samson pointed out what an amazing dad he’s been and how Alice would be looking down with pride at what a great job he’s done. There’s always been a heartwarming relationship between father and son that’s a testament to the performances of James Hooton and Sam Hall, but this scene particularly pulled on the heart strings, especially when Samson called Sam his own “Best Man”. Aww!

Scene of the Week (30 March-10 April 2020)



This beautiful scene showed Emmerdale at its glorious countryside best, as the sun set on the farm between Moira and Rhona. This was a simple moment between two characters about to embark on a business partnership, both in a bad place in their lives, but it was the kind of character driven, reflective scene that we don’t always get to see. As Rhona talked about her mental state after Pierce’s return and losing Graham so suddenly, her life changing dramatically in an instant, Moira was on hand for hope, some wise words. These characters haven’t had a great deal to do with each other over the years but this scene of shared empathy and vulnerability was a great sign of things to come if their new venture means more of them together.

Scene of the Week (23-27 March 2020)



This lovely scene between Marlon and Rhona after the christenings was a touching follow-up to last week’s scene where the two talked of their recent troubles and Rhona planted a kiss on Marlon. Embarrassed Rhona wanted to forget about it, but Marlon wanted to clear the air, knowing the pair of them had suffered enough without dwelling on a mistake. Their ill advised kiss happened at a time when they were both vulnerable and seeking comfort but it was good the characters recognised this and how easy it would be to slip back into a relationship that neither wanted. I liked the way it avoided going down the predictable route, instead focusing on the characters’ history and friendship. Marlon’s hug offer then cheeky “Kiss?” was the perfect light-hearted way to lift the moment and showed off Mark Charnock and Zoe Henry’s lovely chemistry. Could Marlon and Rhona be revisited in future? Maybe. I probably wouldn’t be against it. But for now, this was a welcome and uplifting line drawn.

Scene of the Week (16-20 March 2020)



In another week of emotional scenes for Vanessa, there were some really impactful moments between her and Charity. With Charity realising the kind of partner she needed to be, she arranged for a visit to the chemo ward and took Vanessa there via wheelchair. After checking out the biscuit stash, the pair shared a tender moment in the corridor where Charity pledged to be everything to a tearful Vanessa needed, and she agreed to open up more. The heart-to-heart wasn’t just emotive, but was still sparky and full of the chemistry that drew fans to Vanity in the first place. Lovely moment.

Scene of the Week (2-6 March 2020)



A brilliantly camp moment this week as Kim decided to give Graham a send off in her own theatrical way. Kim later revealed to Rhona that Graham wanted a no fuss, no frills funeral but the service Kim hosted was far more about her. Dressed to the nines in dramatic black attire and commandeering an entire empty church, Kim laid a lily on Graham’s coffin and waited for the service to begin. It was a selfish act designed to hurt Rhona, but Kim did it with such OTT defiance that it was hard not to find enjoyment from her wickedness, as well as notice there’s still an edge of her vulnerability under her mask.

Scene of the Week (24-28 Feb 2020)



It was the scene and episode we’ve all been waiting for and ultimately it could only be Rhona who could take down Pierce in the end. As the situation at Laurel’s house reached its dire and deadly climax, quick-thinking Rhona stabbed Pierce with a needle, giving him enough tranquiliser to take down a bull. Outside the armed police edged closer in gripping, high-tension scenes. As Pierce collapsed, Rhona told him exactly what he didn’t want to hear – he wasn’t her hero, or her protector. Then when the police arrived, she told them about Vanessa, Johnny and Kim’s plight upstairs and told them to arrest Pierce for kidnap and the murder of Graham. This was a dramatic end to one of Emmerdale’s most exciting episodes in a while.