Scene of the Week (9-13 Dec 2019)



Luke finally gave the speech we’ve waited for this week where he told Wendy enough was enough and that he could not stay and stand by his mum. After a long confrontation with Aaron, Luke reached breaking point, pointing out to Wendy that her refusal to admit what Lee did was ruining lives and staying in the village without recognising her son’s horrific crime was never going to end the conflict. While Wendy’s move to the village is a horrible direction for the story to go given how Victoria feels, Luke at least feels like a decent character. We might not be any closer to a tolerable Wendy, but this Luke seen was satisfying and needed.

Scene of the Week (2-6 Dec 2019)



It’s another Kim Scene of the Week but a very different one from last week. After comforting Jamie in the wake of Andrea’s miscarriage, Kim had a big change of heart. Telling Jamie to go and pick up Millie and take a breather, Kim went to Andrea’s hospital room and revealed her guilt, believing herself partly responsible for Andrea’s miscarriage. As Andrea tried to ease her conscience, Kim opened up about a loss she had suffered before Jamie and she ripped up the DNA test that she’d threatened Andrea with, claiming Jamie is Millie’s dad regardless. This was a touchingly written and performed scene and the most human we’ve seen Kim since her return. There was a nice addition of continuity (scenes from the 90s that aired not so long ago on ITV3) and it helped to cement the dysfunctional Tates as more of a solid family. More of this please!

Scene of the Week (25-29 Nov 2019)



Ooh another brilliant twist for Scene of the Week! When Kim organised a party in the Woolpack she kept her cards very close to her chest, waiting for her special guests to arrive. Feeling spurned since Graham started a relationship with Rhona, she brought out the big guns to destroy him – revealing to a pub full of people that it was in fact their wedding anniversary! Kim and Graham married? A fun plot twist we didn’t see coming. It’s one of those twists you can’t think too long about (why was it never hinted at before? why didn’t Kim use it against him much sooner? etc) and it did heap us with even more Graham backstory, however this scene was a genuine surprise moment and it’s always fun to see Kim with the upper hand.

Scene of the Week (18-22 Nov 2019)



When Emmerdale do big surprises they do them so well. So much is given away these days whether through spoilers or unfortunate leaks but this time, this was one big secret they kept close to their chest. We learnt through David and Leyla that Maya was being released from prison, but with no hints or spoilers it didn’t seem likely we’d see the evil teacher again. But then, surprise! Louisa Clein made a brilliant shock return in a scene of Maya released from prison but that wasn’t all – she was pregnant. But who’s the daddy? And will we see her and the baby again? Emmerdale says there are no plans for a return but surely drama that juicy can’t be resisted?Besides, the conclusion of Maya’s story didn’t quite have the satisfying punch of justice it needed. Could a brief return correct this? All we can say for sure is that surprises are brilliant and Emmerdale should give us more!

Scene of the Week (11-15 Nov 2019)


There must be something in the water in Emmerdale at the moment, as the village’s most loved couples fall one by one. This week Vanessa broke up with Charity, unable to cope with her lies and scheming after the truth came out about the casino scam. Heartbroken Vanessa tried to keep it together in the pub, but couldn’t keep up the charade any longer, tearfully telling Charity it was over. The pair had rows in other scenes, as Vanessa explained why she felt so betrayed and ignored, but this final scene was a great showcase for Michelle Hardwick especially, showing how broken and disappointed Vanessa was.

Scene of the Week (4-8 Nov 2019)



If you read spoilers, you’ll have known it was coming, but there was something both excruciatingly awkward yet satisfying about my Scene of the Week choice – Moira discovering Cain had slept with Kerry. Determined to make her marriage work and continue living at Butler’s, Moira headed home after the fireworks. With Cain and Kerry having a drunk pity party their act was pure self-destruction and revenge on Cain’s part. When Moira saw the reflection of Kerry in the mirror, it was a stark reminder of the car crash that has become their marriage and was one of the first time I’ve felt sorry for the woman. With Cain throwing her cheating excuses back in her face to explain his one night stand it was both cutting and a little bit satisfying to see him get his own back. But ouch, Cain and Moira really are in tatters now.

Scene of the Week (28 Oct-1 Nov 2019)



It was the moment all Robert and Robron fans had been dreading, as Ryan Hawley’s final scenes aired this week. But as Aaron and Robert faced the end of the prison visit, Robert’s secret – that he was being transferred to the Isle of Wight – meant Robert’s goodbye to an oblivious Aaron was his final farewell. As a distraught Robert teared up, swearing his love for Aaron and making him promise he would remember always, the pair shared their last heartbreaking hug. With Aaron unnerved and Robert clinging for dear life like a desperate boy, the performances from Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley were agonisingly good. Separating the behemoth couple Robron was never going to be easy but this was a beautiful and tragic ending for the love story that has dominated viewers’ hearts for five years. And as Robert’s final minutes came to a close, he reminisced over happier times, with viewers getting a montage of romantic moments to the soundtrack of their wedding (The Love We Stole – Bear’s Den). Both a tear-duct triggering treat for diehard fans and a love letter to their story. A fitting end with beautiful performances – a scene to treasure.

Scene of the Week (21-25 Oct 2019)



This scene might not have had a twist, or blown the budget, but it was full of heart. After Chas and Paddy’s tragedy last year it was good to see this quietly happy moment for them and the family. It was played with tenderness as their family shared their love and relief in light of last year. It was a nice touch too for Lydia to be moved, after we learnt of her tragedy this year. Marlon and Paddy had a moment, and even Bear managed not to be a pillock. It worked too for Chas to check in with Aaron and to wonder about Cain, in a way that tied all the big stories together.

Scene of the Week (14-18 Oct 2019)



In a gripping week of stand-out scenes, one of the most memorable was the gut-wrenching moment Aaron witnessed Robert’s arrest. Aaron’s heart-breaking discovery that Robert had handed himself scene was made all the more powerful by the fact the audience was in on Robert’s plan before Aaron, so when the penny dropped, the sound of the scene did too and the direction of that moment, a close up on Aaron’s horror was the perfect choice. As Aaron and Robert stared at each other across the road, grieving the inevitable end of their future, Paddy had to grab onto Aaron to stop him running through traffic to reach his husband. Aaron and his family could only watch and pull him back as Aaron dealt with his unbearable loss and sense of betrayal. After the couple’s epic five year journey to get here, this scene was like a stab through the heart, sold completely by Danny Miller’s and Ryan Hawley’s performances of pure devastation.

Scene of the Week (7-11 Oct 2019)



Vanessa let rip on Kerry this week in a really satisfying scene. With Amy issuing threats and Kerry wanting the quiet life (with Dan and Amelia completely oblivious) Vanessa wasn’t going to let this go. Furious, Vanessa ranted about the injustice of it all, that Kerry pretended to be a friend and lied to their faces. Grieving and horrified, Vanessa’s outburst was completely in line with how many viewers felt watching so this scene was a real high point in the week. The “assault” on the nurse was a little clunky but Vanessa telling Kerry exactly how she felt was exactly what this story needed. Not quite justice for Frank, but cathartic all the same.