Scene of the Week (23-27 March 2020)



This lovely scene between Marlon and Rhona after the christenings was a touching follow-up to last week’s scene where the two talked of their recent troubles and Rhona planted a kiss on Marlon. Embarrassed Rhona wanted to forget about it, but Marlon wanted to clear the air, knowing the pair of them had suffered enough without dwelling on a mistake. Their ill advised kiss happened at a time when they were both vulnerable and seeking comfort but it was good the characters recognised this and how easy it would be to slip back into a relationship that neither wanted. I liked the way it avoided going down the predictable route, instead focusing on the characters’ history and friendship. Marlon’s hug offer then cheeky “Kiss?” was the perfect light-hearted way to lift the moment and showed off Mark Charnock and Zoe Henry’s lovely chemistry. Could Marlon and Rhona be revisited in future? Maybe. I probably wouldn’t be against it. But for now, this was a welcome and uplifting line drawn.

Scene of the Week (16-20 March 2020)



In another week of emotional scenes for Vanessa, there were some really impactful moments between her and Charity. With Charity realising the kind of partner she needed to be, she arranged for a visit to the chemo ward and took Vanessa there via wheelchair. After checking out the biscuit stash, the pair shared a tender moment in the corridor where Charity pledged to be everything to a tearful Vanessa needed, and she agreed to open up more. The heart-to-heart wasn’t just emotive, but was still sparky and full of the chemistry that drew fans to Vanity in the first place. Lovely moment.

Scene of the Week (2-6 March 2020)



A brilliantly camp moment this week as Kim decided to give Graham a send off in her own theatrical way. Kim later revealed to Rhona that Graham wanted a no fuss, no frills funeral but the service Kim hosted was far more about her. Dressed to the nines in dramatic black attire and commandeering an entire empty church, Kim laid a lily on Graham’s coffin and waited for the service to begin. It was a selfish act designed to hurt Rhona, but Kim did it with such OTT defiance that it was hard not to find enjoyment from her wickedness, as well as notice there’s still an edge of her vulnerability under her mask.

Scene of the Week (24-28 Feb 2020)



It was the scene and episode we’ve all been waiting for and ultimately it could only be Rhona who could take down Pierce in the end. As the situation at Laurel’s house reached its dire and deadly climax, quick-thinking Rhona stabbed Pierce with a needle, giving him enough tranquiliser to take down a bull. Outside the armed police edged closer in gripping, high-tension scenes. As Pierce collapsed, Rhona told him exactly what he didn’t want to hear – he wasn’t her hero, or her protector. Then when the police arrived, she told them about Vanessa, Johnny and Kim’s plight upstairs and told them to arrest Pierce for kidnap and the murder of Graham. This was a dramatic end to one of Emmerdale’s most exciting episodes in a while.

Scene of the Week (17-21 Feb 2020)



Ever since Pierce sent Rhona flowers with the creepy note attached, we’ve been waiting for the day she would discover it. The Pierce and Rhona confrontation is a ticking time bomb and now Rhona finally found his note, the climax is near. Having been hidden in plain sight all this time, Rhona was oblivious to Pierce’s return with the note used in Leo’s artwork until she found it fallen on the floor in my Scene of the Week. Zoe Henry played Rhona’s shock and horror absolutely perfectly and as the pieces fell into place, we could see Rhona making sense of her own paranoid behaviour in the last few weeks. Bring on the showdown!

Scene of the Week (10-14 Feb 2020)



This heart-stopping moment is the second Vanessa came face to face with her worst nightmare and my Scene of the Week. It was only a matter of time before lurking Pierce bumped into someone he recognised – it’s a small village after all! But with him believing he was close to reuniting to Rhona, the last person he wanted to come across was Rhona’s BFF Vanessa. The moment when these two enemies locked eyes was a brilliantly gripping moment, made even better including Johnny because the stakes suddenly got a lot higher.

Scene of the Week (3-7 Feb 2020)



Laurel was pensive this week when she revealed to the kids the sad news that their granddad Sandy had passed away. This scene was beautifully done. With Gabby being older, she understood quicker than bewildered Arthur, who then immediately believed he was responsible. As the sad news sunk in, we were reminded just what brilliant actors these three are. It’s been a while since the whole Thomas family have been involved in something so emotional and grounded. Sometimes it’s the quiet scenes that really reflect real life which are the most impactful.

Scene of the Week (27-31 Jan 2020)



Actors Mark Charnock and Zoe Henry shone this week but it was the scene where Marlon begged Rhona to believe him as she visited him in prison was a real stand out. As Marlon pleaded with Rhona to recognise that he wasn’t capable of murdering Graham, he asked her to remember their history and see through her grief to acknowledge that he was being set up. As Rhona tearfully told him she wanted to believe him, Marlon was adamant that she was his only hope of finding the real killer now that he was being set up. This scene was a gripping showcase of two underrated actors at their very best and a highlight of a great week of episodes.

Scene of the Week (20-24 Jan 2020)



It was Pierce! So, after a week of cliffhangers and suspicious behaviour, Graham’s murderer was revealed to be none other than the evil Pierce Harris. Pierce’s return came as a surprise twist (unless you’d already been spoiled by the unfortunate leak on social media – oops) although savvy fans had already speculated he might be a potential suspect when his release from prison was revealed in a recent scene. While Pierce being the murderer might have been a divisive choice for the killer, this was an eerie and thrilling scene, made even better by having a true, chilling villain back in the Dales.

Scene of the Week (13-17 Jan 2020)



There’s nothing quite like an ominous scene full of dramatic irony to end a week! With next week’s heavily promoted whodunnit just around the corner, Friday’s final scene was a montage of the suspects, all voicing their motives to kill Graham. As Marlon, Charity, Jai, Kim and Al, Jamie and Andrea, all glowered, Rhona and Graham happily looked ahead to their future in France, blissfully aware of what’s ahead. This was the perfect teaser for next week’s drama and gave us an exciting taste of what’s to come. A cheesy and knowing nod to the whodunnit but lots of fun!